Cloud ERP from Merit Solutions

About Cloud ERP with Merit Solutions 

Are you looking for a cloud business platform that can streamline processes, reduce costs, and facilitate business growth?

If so, then you’re in the right place!

Merit Solutions is a mid-sized IT services company with offices in North America and Europe. Our clients are medium to large enterprise businesses that want to leverage Microsoft Dynamics and surrounding technologies to standardize business processes and eliminate risk - and then continuously improve their business.  

Our industry-specific solutions, MAXFood and MAXLife, along with our core MAXCloud offering, enable these organizations to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve service – while maintaining profitable growth!

What Sets Us Apart?

Here are some reasons why our clients are more successful – and more satisfied – with Merit Solutions:

  • Generate Additional Revenue – By implementing a solution that automates processes, facilitates collaboration, and increases visibility, our clients experience an increase in sales and a reduction in operating costs.

  • Lower Total Cost – We provide applications that are easy to use, quick to deploy, and maximize investments in technology.

  • Full Platform Provider – We are your single-source provider of enterprise business applications, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence (BI), collaboration, and productivity tools.

  • Reduce the Risk of ERP Failure – We follow a proven, repeatable methodology that helps you achieve a more rapid payback, be well-positioned to evolve as your business needs change, and maximize your investments in technology.  

Our Customers:

Georgia Nut Company          Admiration Foods Optimum Nutrition     Heel Mid-Continent Instruments
MannKind Corporation Stark Aerospace United Way
Trading Technologies   Ocean Nutrition             FinnTack Numerical Algorithms Group

What Can Cloud ERP Do For You?

Cloud ERP for CEOs Cloud ERP for Finance Cloud ERP for IT Cloud ERP for Sales Cloud ERP for Operations
CEOs Finance IT Sales Operations

“Merit Solutions was able to handle the intricacies of successfully migrating our legacy data, while at the same time building support and user acceptance of Microsoft Dynamics AX within our organization. More than anything else, these two factors are what enabled us to understand what we have to do as a company to meet our goals, and what we could do in the future to improve upon our business.”
- Jack Arends, CFO, Georgia Nut Co.

“Merit Solutions has been a good Microsoft Dynamics AX partner for us and has added true business value to our organization.”
- Arne Christensen, CIO, Finn-Tack

"The Merit Solutions directed implementation methodology allowed us to get our business up-and-running within two weeks while remaining under budget."
- Kelley Oresky, Mobile Life Ventures

"The highly professional approach to our project resulted in the results we expected on the schedule promised under the budget estimates. It's hard to beat that combination. Thanks for being flexible in working with our distributed team and for a great result." 
- Rob Meyer, CEO, NAG

“I am convinced that Microsoft (Dynamics) with (Merit Solutions) Life Sciences is the best choice we could have made for our organization and believe it is the best solution for firms managing FDA-significant processes within their systems.”
- Aaron Carroll, IT Mgr, MannKind 

“The consultants have always met our expectations, and their knowledge of the software and our business has helped us streamline processes… The entire Merit Solutions team has always been helpful, courteous, and has done whatever needs to be done to make our partnership successful. I have never been disappointed by Merit Solutions.”
- Linda Petta, Dir. Fiscal Services, United Way of Greater Cleveland

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