MAXCloud ERP Distribution and Trade Demos

MAXCloud ERP Distribution and Trade Demos

MAXCloud ERP connects your people, operations, and partners with a single solution to help you manage global complexity and make the most of your opportunities. You can streamline business processes across the extended supply chain with unified natural models that deliver operational visibility. You can use self-service business intelligence to improve demand planning and respond to unique customer requests. And, scale your global business quickly with multisite capabilities and flexible deployment options that reduce risk.

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Over / Under Delivery and Charges  |  Customer and Vendor Agreements  |  Item Arrival and Registration
Quarantine Management  |  Vendor Returns  |  Sales Quotations  |  Sales Order Picking  |  Return Orders
Commissions  |  Transfer Orders 

Over/Under Delivery and Charges:

Over/Under Delivery with Purchase Orders: You are the Purchasing Agent and have received a requisition for 1000 of an item. Typically, when you purchase this item, you receive slightly more or less than the ordered amount. Because this vendor, offers the best price, you, your manager, and the Accounting Manager agree to set up an over and under delivery variance of 5 percent for this item for both sales and purchases.

Use Under Delivery with Sales: You are a new Order Processor and have received an order for 100 pieces of and item from a customer. You create the sales order, but can only deliver 92 from stock. When the packing slip is posted for the 92 items, you discover that this item is set up with a variance of 5 percent.

Create a Charges Code: You are the Accounts Payable Coordinator and you must create a new Charges code for transport charges that will be added to various items and paid to a vendor. 

Create a Customer Charges Group: Because of the large quantity and weight of your most popular item sold, you and two customers have agreed to a 15 percent freight charge for all orders. This charge represents a reduced fee because of the bulk purchases. As the Accounts Receivable Administrator, you are asked to set up a new Customer charges group and assign the code to the customers.

Set Up Automatic Charges: An agreement is made that all orders now include a $15.00 USD freight charge for one of your customers. As the Accounting Manager, you must set up a new automatic charge for the customer. Then, verify the Automatic Charge in the header and post the Sales order.

Customer and Vendor Agreements:

Customer Trade Agreement Setup: Your task is to create a trade agreement for one of your customers, and verify that the Trade agreements are set up correctly when the customer purchases certain products. Create a trade agreements for the customer for each product in the scenario.

Set Up Smart Rounding: Recently, your Marketing Department decided to apply the concepts of Generic currency and Smart rounding for their product sales prices. You must set up the smart rounding version EUR.

Using Smart Rounding: The new pricing given to a customer on two products has increased sales. You want to extend the pricing changes for these products to all major accounts. This is set up as a pricing group . The customers in this group do not use all the same currency. Therefore, generic currency and smart rounding should be applied. 

Setting Up a Sales Agreement: The Sales Representative at your organization has a customer who is doing some renovations. They request a special price to purchase 1,000 of one of your items over the next year. To obtain the business, the Representative will sell the televisions at a unit price of 1,900.00 USD with an additional 15 percent discount for 1000 televisions.

Item Arrival and Registration:

Manage an Item Arrival: You are a warehouse worker and need an overview of the expected arrivals so that you can plan today's work. You are responsible for receiving products in to the inventory and must complete the product receipt by using the Arrival overview form.

Quarantine Management:

Create Quarantine Inventory: You are the purchasing agent and must buy a new product number 1176, for Site 2, Warehouse 21. However, it is important to control each item received that must be quarantined for a certain time. You must create the new product and attach it to a new Item model group, QGRP, that you must create and set up for quarantine managed items

Purchase to Quarantine Inventory:  As the quality controller, you have a purchase order for ten items that are received automatically into quarantine. You split the ten items into two lines of five because you can only complete five tests by the end of the day. When the quality assurance tests are completed, you verify that three of the five items can be accepted into inventory, and the remaining two items must be scrapped.

Vendor Returns:

Working with Vendor Returns: After discussing quality matters with a vendor, it is agreed that the defective items will be returned with reference to the same PO. A negative line is added to the PO for (minus) 10 of the item. The product receipt is generated and the defective items are returned to the vendor.

Complete a Vendor Return Using Returned Order Type:  The purchasing agent has contacted a vendor for a Returned Merchandize Authorization (RMA) number for batch 000003 of item number 1706, to approve the return. This item did not pass the quality control. The return must have a batch number identification to be accepted by the vendor.

Sales Quotations:

Create a Sales Quotation and Convert it to a Sales Order: You are a Sales Specialist, and your customer is impressed with the product demonstration you gave - and they want the prices for some of your items. Prepare a quotation for the customer, and then convert that quotation to an order.

Create a Sales Quotation Template:  As the Sales Specialist, you are offering a Holiday promotion to your customers. Prepare a quotation template for the Holiday special.

Mass Create Sales Quotations: You are offering the Holiday promotion created above. Create a Sales Quotation Template to all customers in the Wholesale Customers customer group. Mass create the quotations for these customers.

Sales Order Picking:

Item Picking Registration of Serialized Inventory:  Because of previous defects on a similar product items, your company wants to have maximum traceability when certain items are sold. The shipping and receiving clerk must make sure that the correct items are picked and sold from the inventory.

Edit, Reverse, and Split a Pick:  The Order Processer is asked to create a sales order for four pieces of an item. All the items must be assigned the same batch number: 000418. After the pick is registered, she is informed that the real batch number is 000485. Therefore, the pick must be edited.

Return Orders:

Create a Return Order: As a salesperson, one of your customers calls to inform you that three pieces of an item they purchased from you on a sales order are defective. One of the customer's sales persons will be visiting your warehouse today. Create a return order and give the customer an RMA number to use when they deliver the defective items.

Process a Return Order: You are the warehouse worker and have received the returned items with the RMA number that you created above. You determine the items are defective and start the arrival of the return order. You post the Arrival journal with a disposition code to reflect the items will be repaired and the customer will be credited.

Generate the Packing Slip and Invoice for a Return Order: As a salesperson, you are informed by the warehouse worker that the return order that you created above has been delivered by the customer. Generate the packing slip and invoice the customer, to create a credit note for the returned items.


Commission Calculations:  You company has hired a new salesperson to cover sales for specific items for wholesale customers. The Salesperson's manager has agreed to apply a commission of eight percent on the sales revenue on any sales after a line discount is applied. Five percent of this commission amount will be received by the manager.

Commission Transactions: One of your retail customers places a rush order for 100 items. The sales manager will come and pick-up the products at the counter. Therefore, a picking or packing list does not have to be generated. An invoice will be sufficient. At the end of the day, the salesperson for all retail stores wants a document detailing the commission allocation by salesperson

Transfer Orders:

Create a Transfer Order: To stock up on an item, the warehouse manager at the main Warehouse 21 has decided to create a transfer order between Warehouses 11 and 21, instead of creating a new sales order. Create settings for the transfer order.  

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