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Counterfeit medicines and the diversion of legitimate product are serious and growing global issues for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, governments and patients.

A panel session at the BIO 2010 conference in Chicago highlighted the regulatory, technical and business responses to these problems, as well as a number of steps which businesses can take to address the issues of counterfeit and diverted products:

  • Understand the risks: Understanding the implications of counterfeit and diverted products is key, both at a business level, but also at an individual product level.

  • Plan early: The cost of retrofitting a business process or set of anti-counterfeit measures once a system has been implemented is significantly more expensive than building this in from the start.

  • Build a system: Successful solutions require involvement from a number of stakeholders both internal and external; key is management of the supply chain, and understanding weaknesses that may exist, along with how counterfeiting and diversion can be deterred.

  • Employ technologies as a system within the system: Technology is an important element of an anti-counterfeit and diversion system and a ‘layered’ solution is required.

  • Monitor with continuous improvement: Part of the complexity of this problem is that the counterfeiter and diverter will change their tactics over time in response to improved protection of products and acquisition of new skills.

The drug ePedigree standard provides the Life Sciences industry with a common format to collect serialized pedigree information throughout the supply chain. In the light of upcoming and existing laws that require unique serialization and submission of electronic records to supply chain partners, pharmaceutical manufacturers need now to adapt their IT Systems and business processes on time for compliance.

MAXLife Cloud simplifies and accelerates the ePedigree process from receiving through shipment, simplifying compliance with government regulations, improving the ability to track and trace products throughout the supply chain to protect public health, and shielding a company’s brand from the damage of counterfeiting.

MAXLife Cloud ERP Benefits:

Real-Time Visibility Into Critical Business Data

FDA Compliance Support and Validation

Powerful Embedded BI and Analytics

Support for Global, Multi-Site Organizations

Automate and Optimize Business Processes

Agile and Flexible Deployment Alternatives

Complete Supply Chain Integration

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Simple, Familiar, and Intuitive User Experience

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Through in-depth interviews with thought leaders from across the industry globally, Cambridge Consultants gathered comprehensive insights from pharmaceutical and biotech businesses to technology developers and industry bodies.

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